Tech-ING Africa

Tech-ING Africa is an initiative created by Operation iDream to outfit iDream Community School with cutting-edge technology in order to prepare the students for the future. We believe that the HOPE for the future of individual students and their country is intrinsically linked to the development of computer education classes and successful integration of modern technology in the classroom. To see African countries like Zambia grow, the youth of these countries require experiential training in the field of computer science. Inaccessibility to computer training resources is one of the main reasons that Zambia is underdeveloped and lacks the skills necessary to compete in a global market.

In December 2018, we had over 30 used laptops donated to us - mostly old Dell computers. They say that one man's trash is another man's treasure, and this was so true for us. When the laptops were presented to the community, there was incredible excitement. There was singing and dancing. One village lady even fell to the ground and started rolling around she was so excited. You see, most of these people had never even seen a computer before. The chance for their children to get to use computers is a huge window of opportunity opening: that their children won't have to be stuck in the same cycle of poverty as them.

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