2018-19 Progess

We are so grateful for the Lord’s provision and for generous donations and partnerships that have allowed iDream to make significant improvements.

New Classrooms

We are excited to open a new block of classrooms at the iDream Community School, which will be home to four classrooms as well as an office space for administration work. This expansion will increase enrollment from 250 to 400 students, while simultaneously decreasing class sizes.


iDream Farm is a key factor in our mission to bring sustainability to Zambia. We don't want to have to rely upon donor support for food. This year, our crops of peanuts and corn had such a healthy harvest that we were not only able to feed the children, but also had enough surplus to sell at the market.

Powered Up

Electricity has arrived at iDream Community School! With the installation of a 3,200 foot powerline with a dedicated 50 KVa transformer, the school now has enough power to run the computer lab and will be launching the trade school with metal fabrication, woodworking, construction, and tailoring.

Flush Toilets

Our staff and students now have a modern, flushing plumbing system for restrooms. This was a necessary improvement from the non-hygienic pit-latrine toilet.


In Zambia, clean water means life, which is why it was one of our top priorities to bring clean, running water to iDream school. This year, we were able to drill a well and install a high rise water tank, ensuring clean water for our children.

Meal Program / Picnic Tables

Our meal program kicked off in 2018. That was a big deal. And now that there is something to eat, there are also tables so the children don't need to sit on the ground.

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