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Operation iDream is the result of the dedicated effort of talented men and women from around the world who chose to give of their lives to create opportunities for a better and brighter future for children in Zambia, Africa. Please contact Operation iDream if you are interested in sharing your time and talents to invest in future generations. Volunteers have had a tremendous impact in many ways.

Current Projects

We are so grateful for the incredible progress at iDream School and Farm over the last two years. The Lord has been faithful to provide for the needs, and the community at iDream has responded with overwhelming gratitude and commitment. Our next dream for iDream farm is to furnish the new classroom block with desks and to build a health clinic on site.

A Health Clinic

In sub-saharan Africa, access to healthcare is not only limited, but often the quality of care available is poor. There are very few health centers. The sick and injured often have to walk for hours to get to the nearest health center.

iDream’s goal is to build a health clinic on-site, where we can provide medical care, support, and health education to the community, including implementing the Youth Friendly Corner. This program will create a safe environment for youth to talk about important topics such as sex and health.

The Health Clinic will cost $20,000 to build. Be a part of changing the future for families in sub-saharan africa.

We Need Desks

Our new classroom block will allow for increased enrollment and decreased classroom sizes, giving more students access to quality education. Help furnish the classrooms with desks!

$60 covers the cost of one desk that seats three students. For the school to reach capacity, we need 80 more desks.

Mission Opportunities

Volunteers have visited iDream Community School and the health clinic to assist Operation iDream staff in meeting ongoing medical and educational needs. If you are interested in joining Operation iDream for a short-term mission trip to Zambia, please contact Operation iDream for additional information about upcoming missions trips.

Host a Fundraiser

Operation iDream is here to support your fundraising efforts! If you would like to host a fundraiser at your organization, church, or business, please contact Operation iDream for information and promotional materials. If you would like to host a fundraiser individually through social media, in honor of a special occasion or person in your life, or as part of a community event, please contact Operation iDream for recommendations, information, and assistance.

Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship is one of the easiest ways to become involved with Operation iDream and a fantastic way to make an immediate positive impact on the life of a child. Operation iDream currently provides food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and education for more than 750 children. Your monthly donation of $38 will enable an orphaned or highly vulnerable child to grow and thrive in a loving, supportive environment. Specifically, your generous donation provides a child with shelter, nutritious food, access to a quality education, skills-based training, and the loving support of a family unit at Operation iDream.

Operation iDream is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization dedicated to helping children in the Ndola region of Zambia. Your donation enables us to provide the vital resources needed to invest in each child’s unique purpose. One child at a time, we provide the basic needs and education necessary to change an entire country’s future.

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