About Us

Our Belief

We believe that every person no matter who they are is endowed with a Dream and the potential to achieve it. In the right environment, with proper structure and support, anyone can become whom they hope and are destined to be. Operation iDream is an advocate in creating the right environment needed for growth and development.

Our Vision

Unlike many non-profit organizations in Africa who help children survive the devastating effects of poverty, sickness and missing parents, our vision goes beyond this initial approach. Through education and development, we are creating the opportunities that will bring self-sustainability to Zambia, a country that still relies heavily upon international help in order to survive. Our aim is to move our children from crisis and perpetual aid to sustained development.

Breaking this cycle of poverty means more than just meeting basic needs like food and shelter. Poverty is not just physical, but also mental, emotional and spiritual. Poverty creates a crushing sense of inadequacy and hopelessness. That’s why we focus so much on education. We want to raise up a new generation of leaders and professionals that have the skills and confidence to compete globally, ushering in a new era of prosperity for Zambia.

Our Founder

Samuel Sikapizye was born in Ndola, Zambia where he attended elementary and secondary schools. After graduating high school, Sam was determined to further his abilities to become a leader of Christian communities, community organizations, and society. He moved to South Africa to attend the Rhema Bible College in Randburg where he was trained to raise and address current issues from African and international contexts. It was at RBC that Sam began to recognize profound issues and understand opportunities to positively impact the people of Zambia by building and nurturing transformative communities which contribute to the development of Zambia as a whole.

In the late 1990’s Sam traveled to the United States and worked with an organization that attracted young adults from Africa to come to the US for the cultural experience of being Camp Counselors. During this time, he came to appreciate all the US had to offer. After returning to Zambia, and marrying Kasamba Mumba, they both decided to move to the US where he ultimately became the Senior Pastor of the Hankins Assembly of God in New York.

Determined to support their homeland, Sam and Kasamba met Barbara (Bobbie) Hust of Hope Ministries, Inc. They introduced her to the urgent needs of Zambian children orphaned by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Through her generous backing, they were able to purchase a house in Ndeke which became the home to 15 orphans and the founding of Hope Ministries Zambia.

Over time and with generous contributions, Hope Ministries bought 10 acres of land in Ndola’s Twapia Township, built a larger orphanage, a health clinic, and a school. Today, Hope Community provides pre-school through elementary education, nutrition, and healthcare programming to over 350 vulnerable children.

Using lessons learned from the Hope Community, Sam set up Operation iDream to further expand his vision in Zambia. iDream Community School and Farm is strategically situated on 25 acres of farmland in the tribal region just south of Ndola. Currently, the newly built school has 220 students with a goal of accommodating 375. The iDream Farm is focused on providing the students with nutritious food and bringing the community together to learn about sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, and profitable produce marketing techniques. Future development includes iDream Trade School on the property that will provide young adults with quality professional and entrepreneurial skills.

Sam lives in Sacramento California with his wife, Kasamba, and his two children, Niza and Raquel. He is President of Operation iDream and is Urgent Care Chaplain/International Missions Pastor at Real Life Church. He is actively involved with the Zambian community in the United States and is a frequent traveler to Zambia.

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