iDream Care Clinic

Through generous donations, Operation iDream was able to build a clinic near the iDream school. Since its construction in June 2019, the iDream Clinic has been a beacon of hope to the surrounding community. The Masaiti District near Ndola has never had direct access to proper preventative health care and responsive medical services as needed. The entire community feels richly blessed and incredibly relieved knowing that help is just a short distance away, should they require medical care. The facility is small but functional, with two triage/exam rooms containing hospital beds, a small pharmacy, a waiting area, two bathrooms, and an office space for administrative purposes. Three regular medical staff operate the clinic during business hours, with on-call emergency services available.

The students at the iDream primary school receive regular preventative medical care such as routine deworming, as well as COVID and malaria testing. In addition, the medical facility provides health care to the community as a whole - treating illnesses as they arise, providing vaccinations and routine testing, referring patients with complex medical issues, educating the public about proper hygiene and family planning, and staff has even delivered several babies!

While the medical staff are passionate about their jobs and always try their best to treat the students, as well as patients from the surrounding community, they are surrounded by constant medical need that stresses the clinic’s limited supplies. There is currently a pressing need for a steady supply of latex gloves and masks. Malaria medication often runs in short supply, especially during the wet season, and is quite expensive in an area regularly plagued by this illness. If you have a heart for providing basic medical care to prevent unnecessary death from treatable illnesses, please locate the iDream Clinic tab on our Donations page to help support this critical mission.

iDream Rescue Operation

When we found Emmanuel, he had a life-threatening infection in his legs. They needed to be amputated. We were able to raise the money needed for the operation and took responsibility for him. He lives with us now in Hope Village and is happy to be part of our greater iDream community.

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